We pride ourselves on the quality of the products in our portfolio. All products are made from the highest quality raw materials and have proven themselves with the American and European consumer.
We remain selective when it comes to adding to our relatively small portfolio. This allows us to keep the focus where it belongs – on the promotion and distribution of the premium products we represent.
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post American manufacturers of family, children's and adult's breakfast
Established in 1897, Post Cereals are now the third largest seller of RTE cereals in America based on market share, with an 11% market share and $1billion in sales. www.postcereals.com

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Weetabix logo

Weetabix is the UK's number one selling, most trusted and most recommended cereal, responding to the changing needs of their consumers. They currently export to over 80 countries around the world. A family owned business until 2003, Weetabix Food Company is now a subsidiary of Post Holdings, Inc., headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.


pez Pez was first marketed as a compressed peppermint sweet or candy in Vienna, Austria. It was invented in 1927 in Vienna by a candy maker named Eduard Haas III. Haas invented peppermints using family owned baking powders, and decided to serve the mints in small, hand-size containers. He manufactured a small tin to hold the mints, similar to the modern Altoids tins. The first Pez mint dispensers, known as "regulars," were similar in shape to a cigarette lighter, and dispensed an adult breath mint marketed as an alternative to smoking. They were invented by Oscar Uxa. Haas Food Manufacturing Corporation of Vienna was the first to sell Pez products. World War II slowed marketing and production. In 1945, manufacturers devised and promoted the Pez Box Regular. In 1952 Eduard Haas introduced his product to the United States, and Curtis Allina headed Pez's U.S. business. In 1955, the Pez company placed heads on the dispensers and marketed them for children. Santa Claus and Mickey Mouse were among the first character dispensers. Since 1950, over 1500 Pez dispensers, including the original character dispensers have been created. Pez vending machines were used in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The first German machines were introduced around 1954 and were produced by DWM (Deutsche Waggon- und Maschinenfabrik) and GWS (Georg Wiegandt und Söhne), both of Berlin, Germany. Machines were later introduced in Switzerland and then in Austria, in October 1956; these were produced by Glerios / R.Seipel & Co. and/or Theodor Braun (Vienna). In 1973, Pez built a factory in Orange, Connecticut, USA. In 1983, Scott McWhinnie became the president of the Pez company. He retired in 2003. Joe Vittoria became President of the company in 2004. Around 2005 the size of the original factory was doubled and the Pez dispenser line was expanded. In the mid-1990s peppermint flavored Pez candies were reintroduced along with remakes of the 'regulars'. In early 2006 the family of the original founder of the company bought back 32.5% of the stock from investment company PGH for €18M. They now own 67.5% of the company. The headquarters are in Traun, Austria. The Pez candies are produced in Traun and Orange, Connecticut, USA while the dispensers are produced in Hungary and China.

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gb Griesson de Beukelaer, established in the early 1900's. is the largest biscuit manufacturer in Germany, with over 2,000 employees and an annual turnover of €500m. Their sales constitute 10.7% of the market share, making them the market leaders, ahead of companies such as Bahlsen.

Manufacturers of high quality biscuits, pastries and crackers, and suppliers to Kraft.

Griesson de Beukelaer manufacture for the following brands; Griesson, de Beukelaer, TUC, Movenpick, Prinzen Rolle, Leicht&Cross, Wurzener, Tekrum,

Griesson de Beukelaer manufacture for the private labels of large retail chains. http://www.griesson-debeukelaer.de/enDE/


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McCormick & Company is a Fortune 1000 company that manufactures spices, herbs, and flavorings for retail, commercial, and industrial markets. McCormick has approximately 8,000 employees, creating innovative flavor solutions that translate to about 150 countries and territories around the world. McCormick has created custom flavor solutions for 9 of the top 10 food and beverage companies and 9 of the top 10 foodservice restaurant chains.





All starts in 1968 in Germany, when the first potato chips under the Chipsfrisch brand are produced.
In 1977 Chio, another well-known German potato chips producer, is acquired. The international expansion into Central and Eastern Europe starts at the beginning of the 1990s, while the expansion within Western Europe starts just a few years later. By taking over Wolf Bergstrasse in 1995 the snack portfolio extends into baked products and specialities.
In 2008 the portfolio is completed by the merger with The Nut Company, thus forming the Intersnack Group.
What initially started as a regional German producer of potato chips has become one of the most successful European savoury snacks producers of brands and private label products driven by organic growth and acquisitions:
  • 29 production sites
  • 12 management units
  • More than 6.500 employees
  • Annual turnover of more than 2.1 billion Euros

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Bonne Mama

Bonne Maman is a worldwide homemade style brand located in France and distributed in over 100 countries. The brand is a manufacturer of top quality preserves&compote, yoghurts&desserts, cookies&pastries and ice cream which are produced by state-of-the-art quality standards and tested in own laboratories to meet strict criteria.
Known for its unique premium preserves portfolio of products, based on traditional French recipes, this is the #1 premium preserve brand in the world.
The secret of Bonne Maman Preserves is simple – the ingredients. The brand's preserves feature only the finest quality fruit and 100% all-natural ingredients. No artificial coloring, no high fructose corn syrup and no preservatives added.





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Andros, a family owned company nestled in France, is a leader in the fruit industry in Europe. The company is specializing in processing of fruit and dairy products with an industrial presence in 15 countries and 25 factories. #1 premium preserve brand in the world, #2 chilled juice brand in France.