A New Generation
In recent years the retail structure has undergone rapid change. The large key accounts have captured 70% of sales, as opposed to 35% 10 years ago.

A result of this change has been that they have set up their own logistics centers, rendering unnecessary those run by the individual distribution companies. They have also transferred merchandising services to in-house, making superfluous much of the staff employed by the distributors.

However, the distributors have been slow to adjust to this new reality.

Recognizing the Potential

There is an opportunity in the market for high quality brands which currently have minimal or no representation in Israel. However, the top three distributors in Israel are not in an ideal position to adapt themselves to accommodate these companies, and moreover, contractual obligations prevent them from adding new brands.

Recognizing the potential of the unaddressed challenges in the market:

R.B. established a complete sales, marketing, trade marketing and distribution solution for those global companies.

A top level sales force was recruited, together with a solid financial support team.
Leading European manufacturers such as Griesson and Soletti have recognized the intrinsic values of working with R.B. in order to firmly establish their brands in Israel.